Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Kick Off

Summer is shaping up to be busy so far, which has caused some delays on posting. After wrapping up assignments for the Trove Collection, I had the opportunity to join a small team for some fun storyboarding and work closely with the extremely talented director, animator, and great guy, Chris Bailey. He was the director (and animator for the opening titles) for Kim Possible as well as many notable animation and film projects.
Which brings me to this art post in which I've added a splash of color to a recent commission. This was a fun little pic which reminded me of the enjoyment I had working on Kim Possible assignments for Disney Adventures digest. You can see more Kim Possible pencil pages on my site.

Kicking off the Summer

Here's a quick color pass on a Kim Possible commission for a client. It's been a busy month between assignments. I have had the tremendous opportunity to work with one of the tremendous talents behind the original KP television show these past few weeks.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ground Control to Major Tom

So I have been away for a little while working on various projects for diverse clients.
I've come back down to visit my blog again from what feels like many miles and hours away.
Here is a blast from the past prior to my move to the West Coast.
It was an interesting and fun assignment to create a cover and this spot interior illustration of a realistic super heroic astronaut for AdAstra magazine. The direction was big bold colors to really pop and contrast against the normally realistic magazine content.
Until next week.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Street Memory Sketchs

Sometimes I'll be driving in my car around town and I will observe interesting people along the side walks. I can take out my sketchbook and start recording but I think that would cause considerable traffic problems. So as I am at a stop light or cruising by at 35+ mph I take a mental snapshot and try to preserve the negative in my memory until I arrive at a location where I can out put the data traditionally or digitally. This memory sketching was first introduced to me by and animator at Walt Disney Feature Animation FL. Shout out to Elliot B!
I was going out to the theme parks to draw people to study their walking patterns. I have to admit the first couple sketchbooks of drawing people from memory when they were walking were really terrible. Now many years of practice later, you can at least tell that they are people. I would like to continue to focus on capturing their expression and attitude. Here is a recent line up done digitally.