Sunday, October 19, 2008

Have you gone to the Getty?

With production deadlines being kept at bay and family in town, we took the opportunity to go to the J. Paul Getty museum to take in the Bernini show before it travels on.
If you can't make the time to go to Rome to see Bernini's magnificent work inside and out of St. Peter's Basilica, then taking in this traveling show will give you a glimpse of his masterful work.
Photography was not permitted in the exhibit hall so I don't have many snaps of the show.
The majority of the show focused on Bernini's portrature as well as the portrature of some of his contemporaries. I can't offer a full critical review as it's best for one to go and make up their own mind about the merrits of the exhibit.

The image above , Bust of a Man, attributed to Jean-Jacques Caffieri caught my eye for the animated quality that the artist captured of his subject. The subject seems to have just spoken a satirical comment or is amused while witnessing a humorous situation unfold.
There was much more I'll have to save for another post. Until then check out this link for
the Getty info: