Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jumping into the New

Trying to take a different artistic path of late.
Attempting to stretch artistically by deliberately pushing my art toward new styles. Trying to escape "cute" styles. It can become a niche which I know I can continue to develop, however I feel by trying new "dangerous" styles it will strengthen what I already have attained.
Posted up new artwork on that path here:
Here's the Post-it that kicked it off.


James said...

Hey Phil! I love your post it sketches. That's cool that you're stretching your artistic abilities by trying different stuff.

Phil Allora said...

Hey there James!
Thanks for stopping by to see the blog!
When ever I can, I try to stretch the art muscles before working on production. Just taking a few minutes before starting the day's work to dash off a drawing, makes you feel like you had gotten "some" drawing in during the digital day.