Thursday, January 14, 2010

Into the Ring

Ding! The new year's bell has rung! It's time to get into the ring and start slugging it out with the obstacles which can impede progress.
Have you ever noticed that being involved in continued creative pursuits is very similar to being a prize fighter or olympic athlete? When we embark upon our journey to becoming an artist/ creative, one will put in many hours of drawing, painting, design, or theorizing practice to hone one's skills to join the ranks of the talented professionals. Be it commercial or fine artists, we strive to succeed to greater heights than the artists we admire. Similar to the athlete who begins their career training their particular skill toward the prize fight, the olympic event, or acceptance to a professional team.
The training requires diligence (consistency of training schedules), endurance when the doing gets tough (monotonous), flexibility (the ability to adapt and experiment to get out of ruts), perserverance, and goal setting.
With the rewards (financially) and achievements (gaining professional status etc.) over the years, new challenges arise: new life complexities (family/health), heavy production schedules,
social engagements/ activities, and other obstacles inherent to one's life. When one gets older there comes the nagging want to coast on previous successes and put off the toil of training.
It's hard but the training must continue, to keep the athlete operating at peak performance and reach future gold laurels .
More on this later.

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