Friday, January 22, 2010

Quando? Quando? Quando?

Soon my dear, there will be more posting.
I've been busy at work on the Cleveland show during the day and creating the artwork for the upcoming issue of Hot Mexican Love Comics. I've written a little tale for the collection and currently I'm inking the penciled pages. I will post the pages once the book has seen print. Which shouldn't be too far off.
You can check out what HMLC is all about here:
On a personal note it's been challenging to start restructuring some of my schedule to accommodate up coming family events. Flexibility and speed go hand in hand to squeeze in time to create art work and spend time with family. It's important for balance in ones life, but I've found that experiences with family and friends only deepen the creative well from which one can draw upon.

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Brandon said...

Great drawings Phil. You know it's a labor of love when you're juggling two full-time gigs. Good luck with keeping the balance between family and career. It's an age old dilemma and one that is never easy. The hardest times in my life are the ones when I feel like I only see my kids when they're sleeping. They certainly do "deepen the creative well". Glad you see it that way.