Saturday, April 17, 2010

Keep those Creative Juices Flowing!

Warm up sketch this morning from random photo scrap.

Most times when I feel like I'm in a creative slump, it's most often because my creative "being" has been starved of the right "food".

If I think about my personal health, if I were to work 14 hrs a day, exercise and not eat or rest I'd probably only be able to go a day without collapsing. We wouldn't force ourselves not to eat or rest consciously.

Similarly, if we consider our "artistic health" if we worked creatively for days without daily feeding ourselves good art "food" via study of: comics, illustration, movies, etc and reading books, novels, ancient tomes, etc our artistic bodies would collapse into a creative slump. The slump then leading to frustration, anger, doubt, depression, uninspired labored work, etc.
Yet as artists, we often "expect" or "demand" that our creative selves can work tirelessly day after day without taking time to "eat".

The key I've heard from other top artists in my field has been that they are "eating" on a daily basis from the creative pantries of the artist's they admire. Studying the "masters", has been made part of their daily schedule like brushing teeth, eating 4 square meals, going to the gym, etc.
This often keeps them soaring over what ever creative, intellectual, or personal challenges occur during the work day.
I've tried it, and it works. I can definitely feel the difference when I get out of the habit.
For what it's worth,

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