Friday, April 9, 2010

What's the richest nation in the world?

"Do-Nation" This small excerpt of a conversation I had with a homeless gentleman on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum in NYC many years back. This was interesting because the guy comes over to me as I was sketching people on the steps. After a little friendly banter about art, he offers to draw something for me. Hesitantly, I accept , and hand him my sketchbook. He knocked out a unique line drawing of an African queen. Then I paid him for the sketch, and he headed off to buy himself a hotdog lunch. He was a slick cat for sure. I've been getting many an email from former coworkers or acquaintances, or friends of friends on FaceBook who are trying to get pet projects off the ground using websites to collect votes so they can win cash or are calling for donation from their own websites. There is a growing trend of donation funded entertainment projects. It's a internet phenomenon that has been growing for a few years now. Probably the first I've heard of it was reading a blog run by a female film maker who was trying to collect a dollar from a million people across the globe to fund her film.
I believe the contributors would be credited in the final film.
It's a contextual thing. I'm not cheap, but with the recession going on, I'm more inclined to give money to folks that could use it, pay bills/ buy food/ save a life/ than to fund home grown entertainment projects by individuals that may very well have $ in the bank. Even if I wasn't looking for back end residuals : $$, credits, free art. Short sighted or shrewd? P.

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