Friday, April 2, 2010

When I was attending art school, one of my instructors recommended that the class pick up a copy of the book "The Art Spirit" by Robert Henri.
One of my trips to the Strand ( an incredible book store in NYC) I picked up a used copy for 3.50. Totally worth it. You can still find the book in print on the major book sites and is probably still recommended in art schools far and wide.
In my current artistic journey there are new developments. The recent lack of posts is due to new additions persnally and professional duties.
Deadlines and board production have been fast an furious of late, so it has caused a significant lack of my posts.
But as I sit up at night assessing the work I've posted here, I've picked up my old copy of The Art Spirit to listen for whispers of insight from the past.
I found that this statement struck a chord:

"When the motives of artists are profound, when they are at their work as a result of deep consideration, when they believe in the importance of what they are doing, thier work creates a stir in the world". Robert Henri.

Do you think that the art posted here has to say "something"?
Will it be remembered in the nano-second it takes to click to another web page?
Is it enough to post art for art sake or do we need something more?
What do you think?

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