Tuesday, July 27, 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010 wraps.

San Diego Comic Con 2010!
Another year has brought thousands of fans to the sunny climes of San Diego where they braved the frigid temperatures of the climate controlled Convention Center.
And what would Comic Con be without tons of fans of what else? Tons of Comics!
Below all shapes and sizes scour back issues for their treasure. Dig the guy dressed as Russel from Pixar's UP in the FG.
And what is Comics without Hot Mexican Love?

Above we have LarryDigital and KeyCon manly manning the booth. Muy macho!
Later in the day we have Senor Ira, Senor Allora, and Senor Calleros capturing the hearts of the fans with magnetic gazes of amor. Each of those entranced indulgers of Hot Mexican Love walked away with an original sketch and tres veces el amor.
It was great to have had the chance to experience Comic Con for only a short while behind a booth in the small press area. Every con I've been to, I'm usually walking the floor, talking to artists, and picking up new art. It was a thrill to be giving time this year to making art and handing it off to smiling fans. What better way to kick off a new experience at Comic Con than hanging with the passionate amigos de amore!
Hasta manana!
Adios Amigos!

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