Monday, September 6, 2010

Inspired by Jack Potter

Recently, there was a posting on this great blog: which showcased a truly inspirational instructor in my early college years. Jack Potter was a gifted illustrator, consummate professional, and an towering figure in SVA's faculty. He had a zest for life and art that was contagious. When I entered his class room 501 for drawing instruction there was a crackle of excitement in the air as I and the rest of the class anticipated the latest adventure of drawing Jack's models, set ups, and themes.
That was the thing about Jack's class and personality. He brought such enthusiasm for the medium of illustration, that he swept up the class in the drama of each model setup and invited us to delve into our imagination to make the "story" presented that much richer. For a first year undergrad class, this was a big departure from just learning the "basics" of illustration.
The blog above details more of Potter's Principles than my quick sketch above. I quickly tried to jot down the things I remembered from his class and put that into my sketch. It was a great time for continual learning and inspiration.