Saturday, April 30, 2011


So as another episode winds down and the next ramps up in television animation I am increasingly drawn to drawing non cartoony things. Funny how most of the day is spent drawing cartoon figures and objects and when I look through my sketch books, I see mostly realistic type art.
I was looking through some old sketch books from when I was in college. It was like stepping back into a past life as most of the subjects written or drawn I had completely forgotten about.
The where and when may have been dated, but my memory doesn't register those, nor the act of drawing the subject. Funny how the drawings now are like messages from the past self to the future self.
One interesting quote I came across (not sure if I wrote it, heard it somewhere, or read it somewhere) from a sketch book page dated 5/3/95 was:

"The creative mind is like any other muscle in the human body. One must exercise it daily to keep it in top form. The only way this creative muscle grows it to "demand" more if it than it thinks it has the ability to do."

If you've heard this before let me know.
We can always do more than we think we are capable of. It's nice to be reminded of that at times. This time my younger self speaking to me through the years.

What treasures lay waiting your old sketchbooks?