Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lunch in Singapore-Orchard Road

Ok, I admit it. I was pretty tired when we arrived and missed  taking a fancy snap of the hotel . Thank Google for the use of the image above. When I've stayed in Singapore, the place that is most comfortable and grand is the Changi Village hotel. It's outside of the main city of Singapore, closer to the beaches and secluded in the sleepy little are of Singapore called Changi Village (naturally)

The sleek modern design of the hotel is cool and relaxing. 

The next day on the taxi ride to downtown Singapore: Orchard Road shopping district. Notice on the overpass the flowers and hanging plants. 

So green around the highway and so radically different from the 405, 134, or 5 in LA.

 The downtown shopping district is still pretty green. Oh yeah, I forgot I'm on a tropical island city ;)

 Little cars at a traffic stop. Takashimaya shopping plaza is just around the corner.
 The huge interior atrium of the Takashimaya Shopping center. 5 floors above ground of shops and restaurants with an additional 3 floors of the same underground.
Walking underground from Takashimaya Center to another mall Wisma Atria shopping center we head into the Food Republic (food court) and line up for the local favorite Thye Hong Hokkien Mee. (Hokkien noodle dish).  But don't just take my word for it:

Each plate of noodles is served in the traditional leaf sleeve. Which was the original  "street plate" which the noodles sold.
Fresh prawn in a savory sautee sauce with chili over stir fried noodles. Squeeze with lime and bon appetite. 

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