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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Miracle Mile Marksmen

What do you do during your lunch breaks?
When I first started in animation, I had been out of art school for a few years and was more familiar with drawing for illustration. Meaning that if I needed to draw people in a street scene I would find reference or shoot it and then draw from the ref. Reference doesn't move while you are trying to draw from it.

Entering into animation at the Disney Feature studio in Florida, I was surrounded by artists and animators of incredible talent, who would often draw from moving subjects, and do it well.
So I was curious as to how I could produce life drawings and quick sketches that looked as good as my drawings from a life drawing class where a model would "pose". I took on the challenge of going out to draw people in the theme-park in motion during my lunch breaks.

I remember my first drawings were just awful. Looking back at the drawings I can't tell if the scratch drawings are male or female. Some drawings looked like a collection of "sticks" jumbled on a page.
Fast forward to the present and now I can tell by looking at the drawings what is the gender and I still have more to explore/ capture/ and push in these quick sketches from life.

I've tried to continue on sketching on lunch breaks and bringing other artists and sketching enthusiasts along at each company I've worked for in my career thus far.
Recently, the group I currently sketch with, formulated a plan to make our outings more fun by starting a blog to share our drawings with viewers and members of the group.
Each week we pick a "mark" and do a sketch from memory to post on the blog.

You can check out some of the sketches here:

Drop by and let us know you've been there ;)