Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So you've waited 4 long years for it and now it's finally here! ;)
What's been keeping me away from sharing love here for what feels like 8 months?? Storyboarding episodes of this brand new series for Nickelodeon.

You can catch the first full two part Monsters Vs. Aliens episode here:

I work along side the talented crew that boarded and created this first episode that was being finished up (preproduction) when I joined the team. The link above is to the introductory episode with more monsterous epic battles and funny business in following episodes.

It's been quite a ride and learning experience working with some really talented, funny, and great artists/fellow humans ;)

Since the show premiered following the Kids Choice Awards on Nick, Ben Balistreri posted some designs which he did for the series on his blog.
Exciting stuff to be inspired by here:


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