Sunday, November 22, 2015

CTN-XPO Highlight #1

CTN-XPO 2015 Highlight #1
Spending time having terrific conversations with the talented animation and visual artists: Will Terry (who took this pic), Mel Milton, and Leigh Rens. Good times, good talks, and great guys!

You can see more of the fantastic work of Mel, Will, and Leigh following the links below!

See you there next year!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Long Day for a Quick Sketch

After a long day of animation storyboard work, it was time to find some inspiration and draw something else. Since I haven't posted in a while, here is a quick doodle in PS.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bill Duke Breaks It Down

Not something that you hear everyday: a frank and practical interview with actor, film maker, writer, and entrepreneur Bill Duke on the business of making films. 

I first saw Bill Duke back in the day when he appeared in Commando and later as Mac in Predator (the role he's most recognized for as an actor). Did you know how many productions he's written and directed since then? Check this out:

If I were asked "who you would like to meet in for coffee in the past, present, or future?" Bill Duke is a gentleman, I'd like to meet during my life time.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Finished up a MoleSkin Weekend

So this past weekend I drew the last page in a moleskin I started a while ago.
I didn't realize I finished the book when I was in the middle of the drawing at the passport office.
I started thinking about where this little book has traveled and what sketches I have collected in the pages since it started on the journey with me. I picked the Monogram brand sketchbook with ivory paper from an art supply store in Ngee Ann City/ Takashimaya on Orchard Road in Singapore.

The last drawing at the Glendale Post Office/ Passport Office:

One of the first sketches in the moleskin:

 What the sketchbook ended up looking like:

What I think it wishes it looks like;)

I put these up having been inspired to share by an amazingly talented friend, Jamie Vickers, who has been traveling through most of Asia via bicycle for the last year. You can see his amazing travel sketches here: facebook
His incredible animation here:

Friday, September 18, 2015

It's Friday-Man!

(As sung to the tune of the 60's Animated show)
Does what ever a Friday can!
Look out!
It's Friday-Maaaaaaan!
Shaking off the cob webs on my stylus with a little warm up Web-Head doodle now spinning around on the world wide web.

Now, only if there were a way to weave more silky puns into this thread....

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday Morning Cartoon_Retro Modern Anime Mash Up

I remember the days when I used to wake up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons on network television. It was a full half day affair which had me switching stations every half hour to catch the shows I was interested in seeing. Getting up at 630am on a Saturday was no problem, so to ensure breakfast was eaten and no distractions would interrupt the first show at 7am. Thinking back to how it was then, I can't recall how many thousands of cereal, toy, and kids products commercials drove their jingles and bright colors into my cerebral cortex. Now, I hope they've all been forgotten. But my favorite shows haven't been.
Which is why watching this amazing modern animation brought back such retro memories.
(They even included the VHS video tracking feedback/ grain) Nice touch!

If you love the original Transformers, Voltron, ThunderCats, and similar shows from the time, I don't think you'll be disappointed with the above WTL production. 

HD version here on Vimeo:

MORE great stuff here from the creative team!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I have had this conversation with my wife numerous times: She sees me draw a memory sketch on the cintiq and reacts like "meh, no life (in the sketch)". Then she looks at a sketch like the one below done on paper with ink and her reaction is completely positive: "that has some juice". I'm paraphrasing, but I think you might see the point. There is an illusive ingredient that makes or breaks a drawing in Analog or Digital. What do you think? 

Friday, August 21, 2015

EAT Drink Fight!

On a recent lunch outing this week, I took note of a couple behind our table. There seemed to be something that set this woman on an attack. Not sure what was said or done, was too busy talking to my friends. But I just looked up in time to catch her flare up and I took a picture in my mind.
Then worked at home to draw it out.
Feel free to fill in the rest of the statement I over heard: "Don't say that I'm....."

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Kettle Girls

A memory sketch from a month ago during a trip to Manhattan Beach. My first time eating at a place called the Kettle. I just thought it was really interesting that day watching this one girl intently listening to her friend while chewing her lunch. :)
The view was great and the food wasn't too bad either.

Friday, August 14, 2015

5 Second Day- 7month Anniversary

On this day seven months ago, many intrepid animation artists embarked on a mission to make animation history for themselves. They took part in the day known as 5 Second Day! 

Every year, Titmouse Animation studio holds a mini animation festival where every artist is given the opportunity to create their own 5 second film in one day. Is that a crazy amount of work to make in one day, you ask?

You bet your sweet cintiq it is!

However, some really amazing work is made in that short weekend in February! Artists can then see their works grace the screens of the Egyptian theater in Hollywood CA. 

LA Weekly did a write up of the event here:

Below is my entry for 5 Second Day from 2014.
You may have seen it out there on the web or at the Egyptian!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday CoolNess!: Battling Boy

For those of you who think Battling Boy by Paul Pope is just cool in general. How much cooler would Battling Boy be with the power of a feature film studio turning it into an animated film?
It's happening and coming via Paramount Animation in the near future! Check the link for details!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Turbo FAST Season 2 Officially Streaming on Netflix

Turbo FAST season 2 has officially begun streaming on Netflix Where you can see incredibly exciting and funny episodes like : The Challenge, Agent Ace, The Treasure of Sierra Marty, CrowPox, Maggotron, The Day Mel Fell, and Groundhog Stay. But don't just take my word for the episodes above that I directed, listen to the show executive producers, Chris Prynoski and Todd Garfield, discuss Turbo FAST as they do their best Bartles and James impressions! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Coming soon in Oct 2015 is Rock Dog!
Based on the award winning artist/ musician Zheng Jun's manga Tibetan Rock Dog.
Animated by the talented crew at Reel FX in the USA and backed by the Huayi Brothers. With producers Mandoo Pictures and probably Reel FX.
What's caught my eye about this production is that character designs for the the film. I saw some posts by a crazy talented colleague of mine, Rune Bennicke, that are really cool! Check them out here!

The trailer is up on YouTube and looks really promising!

Looking forward to the fall animation releases this year! Hotel Transylvania 2 debuts Sept 2015 as well!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Fitness Lie

A few years ago I had a gym membership to a particular gym that offered really good yoga classes. It was time for membership renewal and they offered me a complimentary 40 minute personal training session. So I took them up on the offer and met with one of the trainers to discuss my fitness goals (gain muscle on my frame and keep fat gains to minimum). After the brief discussion of my fitness goal (10 minutes) and my inquiring of the trainer as to how he could help me reach that goal (to which, to my recollection, I didn't get very conclusive answers) we proceeded into the gym to the "work-out". It started with a 10 minute "warm up" at a moderate pace on the treadmill. This was followed by multiple sets of cable bicep curls while standing on a bosu balance disc. (10 minutes) Finally, the work out was wrapped up with a 10 minute "cool down" on the treadmill. (Sarcasm ahead)
Wow, quite a work out! I must have burned at least 100 calories and curled 50 reps closer to my fitness goal!

I wasn't satisfied or impressed with my complimentary session nor did I have any inclination to sign up for more personal training sessions with this trainer. The proposed 10 weekly sessions were more expensive than the actual gym membership!
I passed on the offer and continued on my fitness journey alone, vowing to discover how to reach my goals.

I look back to this experience of mine each time at my current gym and witness the personal trainers putting some clients through similar benign routines with lethargic enthusiasm. Aren't the trainers supposed to "train" clients for optimal results? When I discovered this article it all fell into place:

What bumps have you encountered on your personal journey toward optimal health and fitness?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Hats off to director Sung Jin Ahn and the amazing crew at Titmouse Animation that made the best damn animated pilot on Amazon Prime!
Thanks to Sung Jin for letting me pitch in and work on a huge storyboard segment of which the above clip is a small chunk. 
BTW: It’s not too late to watch the spectacular animated pilot on Amazon Prime if you are a Prime Member. Just follow the link above.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Memory Sketch "Adjust and Serve"

Lunch in sunny CA with my friend Will.
I tried to capture the essence of what I considered "adjust and serve".
Having a view into the kitchen from the counter, I witnessed food prep, plate return, and this little action of hiking up pants then grabbing food to serve by a hostess. Just thought it was unique for the sake of being uniquely human.