Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Fitness Lie

A few years ago I had a gym membership to a particular gym that offered really good yoga classes. It was time for membership renewal and they offered me a complimentary 40 minute personal training session. So I took them up on the offer and met with one of the trainers to discuss my fitness goals (gain muscle on my frame and keep fat gains to minimum). After the brief discussion of my fitness goal (10 minutes) and my inquiring of the trainer as to how he could help me reach that goal (to which, to my recollection, I didn't get very conclusive answers) we proceeded into the gym to the "work-out". It started with a 10 minute "warm up" at a moderate pace on the treadmill. This was followed by multiple sets of cable bicep curls while standing on a bosu balance disc. (10 minutes) Finally, the work out was wrapped up with a 10 minute "cool down" on the treadmill. (Sarcasm ahead)
Wow, quite a work out! I must have burned at least 100 calories and curled 50 reps closer to my fitness goal!

I wasn't satisfied or impressed with my complimentary session nor did I have any inclination to sign up for more personal training sessions with this trainer. The proposed 10 weekly sessions were more expensive than the actual gym membership!
I passed on the offer and continued on my fitness journey alone, vowing to discover how to reach my goals.

I look back to this experience of mine each time at my current gym and witness the personal trainers putting some clients through similar benign routines with lethargic enthusiasm. Aren't the trainers supposed to "train" clients for optimal results? When I discovered this article it all fell into place:


What bumps have you encountered on your personal journey toward optimal health and fitness?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Hats off to director Sung Jin Ahn and the amazing crew at Titmouse Animation that made the best damn animated pilot on Amazon Prime!
Thanks to Sung Jin for letting me pitch in and work on a huge storyboard segment of which the above clip is a small chunk. 
BTW: It’s not too late to watch the spectacular animated pilot on Amazon Prime if you are a Prime Member. Just follow the link above.