Friday, August 14, 2015

5 Second Day- 7month Anniversary

On this day seven months ago, many intrepid animation artists embarked on a mission to make animation history for themselves. They took part in the day known as 5 Second Day! 

Every year, Titmouse Animation studio holds a mini animation festival where every artist is given the opportunity to create their own 5 second film in one day. Is that a crazy amount of work to make in one day, you ask?

You bet your sweet cintiq it is!

However, some really amazing work is made in that short weekend in February! Artists can then see their works grace the screens of the Egyptian theater in Hollywood CA. 

LA Weekly did a write up of the event here:

Below is my entry for 5 Second Day from 2014.
You may have seen it out there on the web or at the Egyptian!

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