Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday Morning Cartoon_Retro Modern Anime Mash Up

I remember the days when I used to wake up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons on network television. It was a full half day affair which had me switching stations every half hour to catch the shows I was interested in seeing. Getting up at 630am on a Saturday was no problem, so to ensure breakfast was eaten and no distractions would interrupt the first show at 7am. Thinking back to how it was then, I can't recall how many thousands of cereal, toy, and kids products commercials drove their jingles and bright colors into my cerebral cortex. Now, I hope they've all been forgotten. But my favorite shows haven't been.
Which is why watching this amazing modern animation brought back such retro memories.
(They even included the VHS video tracking feedback/ grain) Nice touch!

If you love the original Transformers, Voltron, ThunderCats, and similar shows from the time, I don't think you'll be disappointed with the above WTL production. 

HD version here on Vimeo:

MORE great stuff here from the creative team!

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