Sunday, March 27, 2016


As I'm clearing out the studio of all my notes, binders, drawings and scanning what I can for the digital archives, I came across these quotes that I wrote down on a random piece of paper. Circa 99-03  Not sure who the second writer is that I've written their quote.

"The mind is a tool, it is either clogged, bound, rusty, or it is a clear way to and from the soul. An artist should not be afraid of his tools. He should not be afraid to know." Robert Henri

"The challenges an artist will face when drawing from life or from a model can be made easier to surmount by practice and application of knowledge. How does the artist accurately record or interpret a model's proportions, volumes, textures, and angles?
Practice of applying practical knowledge of anatomy, hand eye coordination, keen observation, and imagination."

For posterity.

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jasbell1 said...

Thank you... this is good to think about and quite helpful